How it works

We know that losing weight on your own isn’t easy, so at Unislim we will help you every step of the way.

When you join one of our buzzing classes, you will immediately be part of a community that wants you to reach your weight loss goals. Simply go along to a class near you, meet your leader, step on the scales and start your journey.

We promise that during your hour-long class, you will feel inspired, have fun and leave armed with tips and recipes to keep you motivated. And it doesn’t stop there, our amazing community has your back whenever you need it, though texts, from Facebook to Snapchat and our new Unislim App – the support you need is never more than a click away.

Feed Yourself Fit plan

Introducing our new Feed Yourself Fit plan! There are only 2 steps – FREE Foods & Bites. Simple as that.

No counting calories, weighing out portions or saying no to your favourite foods. Each day you will eat 3 delicious, filling main meals and 2 healthy snacks – believe us, you will never be hungry.

Everything is on the menu, including FREE healthy carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, as well as your favourite treats like chocolate and wine!

Did we mention how easy it was?

Join Our Community

When you join a Unislim class, you become part of the community. Part of the club. We won’t let you go it alone.

Got a question? Chat to us on any of our social media pages, ask questions, make friends and share your journey with other members and leaders across the country.

Get Amazing Support On Our New App

You are going to love our new members-only app. Stay connected, monitor your progress, track your food, follow other members and watch your weight loss stats as you move closer to your target.

Think Facebook, but with a Unislim-twist. Each week at weigh in, your app profile will be updated with your personal weight loss, so you can see and celebrate your results in real time.