Get Gorge Us

Our delicious, crispy Skinny Sweet Potato Fries are on special offer in selected Tesco stores nationwide. Save €1 and get them for the low price of €3 for a limited time only.

You are going to love them. Our new Gluten Free, Vegan friendly Skinny Sweet Potato Fries are bursting with flavour, high in Vitamin A & C and will bring a little sunshine to your plate. Our farmers give our sweet potatoes extra love and attention, ensuring that they grow up to be the most gorgeous, nutritious food on your plate. And what’s more, we’ve got the nod from top Irish dieticians and the food experts at Unislim, giving them the super healthy seal of approval.

They fit in perfectly with your Feed Yourself Fit plan – you can enjoy a quarter plate of these beauties FREE at mealtimes, adding in 1.5 Bites for an additional 100g portion.

Also, try ur Rustic Cut Chips which are on special offer in Tesco and Dunnes for only €2. Bargain!