Irish, family-run company Unislim saw a flurry of emails, calls and social media messages from worried WW members across the country, after the American conglomerate unexpectedly announced their complete withdrawal from Ireland on December 31st 2021.  Fiona Gratzer had a message for all of these anxious members:

“We understand how much you rely on your WW classes and can understand how you must be feeling but we want to let you know that we’re here for you. And more importantly that we are not going anywhere…”

“My Mum Agnes founded Unislim over 50 years ago and we’ve local classes in every corner of the country. We’ve always been so proud to be an Irish company supporting Irish people and communities locally. And at our core that is what Unislim really is, an amazing Irish community all supporting each other to live a happier, healthier life.”

“Losing your support system like this can be such a worry, so we want to let you know that we’re here for you if you need us…”

Unislim, like WW, offer weekly classes where you get the best support from incredible leaders.  When members join they get a Unislim pack which includes their  Balance plan and food tracker plus exclusive access to their members only App. Their Balance plan is very easy to follow, and the success speaks for itself.

After the unexpected announcement, Unislim are offering all WW members a  FREE WEIGH IN, its an opportunity to meet the leader to find out how Unislim works.  They just pop a long with their WW card and the leader go through the plan and of course the support they get at their local Unislim class.


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