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Your wonderful new coach:

Hi I'm Margaret

I have struggled with my weight for all of my childhood life and that struggle continued well into my adult life . Having got that lightbulb moment about 15 years ago I made that final decision to do something about my unhealthy weight and life style . I was only existing not living. I wanted nothing more to be a healthy weight not just for me but for my husband and kids so they were my motivation to do it. Healthier = happier . And I knew if I was happier they would be happier also. So I went on to loose 7 stone,gained a tonne of confidence and really loved setting my kids a good example as I didn’t want them to go through what I did with my weight.
As a unislim leader I am in my perfect job even though it’s not a job to me because I’m doing something I love and that’s helping others to be a healthier version of themselves. I understand all the struggle’s because I’ve been there myself . The Unislim plan is very flexible and so easy to follow so why not pop into one of my classes and see for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

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- Motivational class talks
- Meeting your coach at weekly confidential weigh-ins
- Our NEW Fast 21 to boost your weight-loss
- Our brilliant Balance plan to follow
- Track food and activity, monitor your progress
- Support from all your fellow Unislim members
- Our easy-to-use, inspirational app.

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