Hi my names Mila, I am 16 years old and I’ve been brought up in the Unislim lifestyle my whole life.

My Nana is the founder of Unislim and now, my mum is the Managing Director, they have both taught me how to be the healthiest and happiest kid growing up. I’ve always had a love for food… I mean how could I not?

In this last year I’ve had the opportunity of a life time, I travelled to the States to explore the seas of South Florida, I lived the dream! I was terrified but so excited to see what else was out there. I got a huge culture shock, but it was a great one. My eyes were suddenly opened up to all of these new things that I’ve never really known about before and I found a totally new respect for new things in life, like Veganism.

I am a new vegan and I’m no expert, but so far I am LOVING it. My best friend is also vegan and seeing how easy it was for her made me super interested in this healthy way of living. I came home from America and almost immediately started my new plant based lifestyle. Although I’m not saying I’m going to stay vegan forever, for now I’m loving all things that come with this new lifestyle and the excitement I get when trying these crazy and creative foods. I was so interested in trying something new and I was ready to see what all this hype was about, all I heard was great things about how good I would feel and how clear my skin would get etc… so I have started my transition into the new vegan me.

So far I am so impressed with how easy it is and how much energy I have, I was surprised with how much vegan food I was already eating, but of course there have been a few challenges like missing the sprinkle of cheese on a pasta dish or the dash of milk in my mash…but despite these minor flaws, I can confidently say that I’ve found almost better alternatives to spice up my yummy meals and I would love to teach you how to make some of these fab Vegan foods! All the foods that I’ve been eating all work perfectly within the Forever Free plan and even some of the Unislim recipes are already vegan, which made it super easy for me to find recipes.

As well as eating healthy I try workout every day, I think it is so necessary to have a great balance between eating healthy and keeping fit. I love to work-out, even if it’s just a walk or a jog, and when I’m with friends there’s no doubt we will always find a way to work up a sweat dancing around my room! I love releasing those happy endorphins making me smile from ear to ear, I don’t remember a time that I’ve finished a work-out sad!

Being vegan means lots of great fruit and veg but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats that are out of this world too! I’m so excited to share my many vegan recipes with you all. For now this is one of my fave Unislim recipe which you can try here.

Lots of Love,

Mila x

Homemade falafel with vegan burritos

Homemade sourdough bread with avocado and tomato

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