It’s time to change the narrative of Valentine’s Day and make it about you!
Learning to love yourself if one of the most transformative things you can do…

So I wanted to give you a week full of self-care moments, so you can head into Valentine’s Day with a heart full of self-love!

Fiona xx


Have a laugh! I love listening to a podcast when I’m doing my normal everyday tasks, and this one always has me on the floor laughing. ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’ with Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally is guaranteed to give you a chuckle as the girls discuss their weekly activites with 100% honesty guaranteed. (p.s. don’t play this Infront of the kids). Pop it on, you’ll always feel better after a good giggle.



Put pen to paper –  write down 10 things you LOVE about yourself. I know this is hard but really try. If you can’t think of something, ask your friend or partner what’s one thing they love about you..

Maybe even buy yourself a new journal, our Unislim journal is on sale for €5…


Get out your good plates you keep for a special occasion and eat from them. They deserve it and so do you! Maybe even try out a new dish. This delicious Thai prawn noodle dinner will make everyone who tries it fall in love with you 



You’ve probably got one piece of clothing you’re hanging onto – your safety net, something you haven’t worn in ages but you keep it ‘just in case’. Get rid of it and make room for something new! Out with the old and in with the new – and as Marie Kondo says if it doesn’t’ “spark joy” it’s time to throw it out or donate it.


Make a date with yourself, take a different turn on your walk, sit and have a coffee to enjoy the some post-covid freedom.
Sneak in 30 minutes of you-time. What’s something you’ve said you’ve wanted to do for ages? Go do it, you deserve it!


Want to feel energised and ready for the day? Yoga can literally change your life. Try this FREE and exclusive morning flow yoga routine with our fabulous teacher Neasa.


A little lie in goes a long way. Make breakfast in bed, except for once, make it for you!

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