Summer has landed and now is the perfect time to set the wheels in motion and start working towards your Summer weight loss goals.

Whether you have a Communion, wedding, family event or that special sun holiday coming up, we will be by your side helping you to look and feel your best.

Studies show that losing weight is easier when you have support, so attending your local Unislim class each week is the fail-safe way to get the best results. Your Leader will be on-hand every step of the way as you work towards your target weight.

To really help you turn up the heat on your results, our Summer Body Balance plan is in classes now. Featuring a 7 day Pick’n’Mix plan, 21 brand new Summer inspired recipes and a Body Blasting Workout using our recently launched Resistance Bands, you will feel energized and ready for a fun-filled summer ahead.

So let’s get ready for action, swipe to see our top 5 tips for springing into Summer.

Spring Clean Clear Out

First things first, declutter your cupboards and make sure to get rid of any sweets and treats you may have lying around.  With Easter still in our memories, you may find some remnants of the Easter Bunnies treats hidden in cupboards or the back of the fridge.  Our top tip – clear out the food that will either derail you or bring you further away from your weight loss goals. If it’s not in the house, it can’t tempt you.  Regift your goodies – bring them into work and surprise your colleagues or pop them into a neighbour. Out of sight is out of mind.


Shop Right

Make a meal plan for the next week, ensuring to include lots of your favourite healthy recipes. Having everything you need to hand means you are less likely to reach for quick fixes. Think fresh veggies and fruit, along with your favourite Free yogurts, cheese and lean meats. Don’t forget some handy options like frozen vegetables for evenings when you are in a dash and don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch.  Don’t forget to pick up some low Bite treats too.


Wonderful Work Outs

When you exercise you feel on top of the world. Moving more not only earns you extra bites but it also inspires you to stay focused on your food.  Set yourself an achievable, realistic exercise target for the week. For example, you could set yourself the goal of exercising three times before the end of the week or building up to 10,000 steps a day.

You could even set yourself more long-term goals, like doing a 10k by the end of August. This will help to keep you on track throughout the Summer months.

Exercising will make you feel energized, confident and happier – it’s a natural mood booster!

Track your food with your Unislim Members Only App

Keep Track

It’s time to track, track, track! This week, make a promise to yourself to write down everything you eat. Tracking is a fantastic way of making sure you are on plan and doing great.  It’s also a great way to really look into your eating patterns and habits. Vary your meals, keep it interesting and make sure that you are enjoying lots of delicious FREE foods at every meal.

Check out the tracker in our Unislim app, it’s super easy to use and great if you want to review your week.

You Snooze You Lose

Getting enough sleep is key if you want to see a loss on the scales. Your sleeping routine may be slightly out of whack after the long weekend, so make an effort to realign it by getting to bed a little earlier, creating a screen free environment in your bedroom and getting some quality rest.

Set yourself a bedtime 7-8 hours from when you have to wake up.

Even better: go to bed half an hour early and try an easy guided meditation (check YouTube for some great free meditations to try out). You’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated and get a better quality sleep. And when we are rested, we make better decisions -particularly when it comes to food.

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