We’ve all been there. Swimwear selected, sun lotion in hand, making our flip-flopped steps towards the sand. Next? A glance at the tummy. A deep breath in. A hope for the best. And, reveal!

This is the season of the stomach…meaning we need confidence-boosting tricks, and quick!  What we don’t need? Bloating. You know, the bigger belly that appears from nowhere? The uncomfortable feeling? The top button that’s ready to pop? This summer, before we hit the beach, we’re beating the bloat.

Bloating is caused by several factors: by eating the wrong food; by eating too quickly or simply by being dehydrated. Knowing what to, and what not to eat, before you sunbathe, makes sense.

Our 5 favourite foods & tools to help combat bloating are:

TAKE YOUR TIME Whatever your breakfast, let it linger. Devouring a snack in seconds flat is likely to cause bloating, as you are swallowing air too quickly. Slowing down the scoff also gives you time to taste and enjoy, as well as giving your tum the freedom to tell you when it’s full.

SIP a cup of peppermint or ginger tea. They taste yummy, revive the senses, and best of all, beat the bloat!

EAT YOUR GREENS. A diet that regularly includes leafy greens like broccoli and spinach is a diet that encourages a healthy and hard-working digestive system. If you eat these veg very rarely, however, your body will have trouble breaking them down. Which means? Bloat. And gas. And gas is never a good thing, right?!

PICK PINEAPPLE. This is one powerful bloat buster. Mouthwatering pineapple chunks are the perfect pre-beach treat, and contain digestion-enhancing enzymes. Enjoy fresh pineapple at breakfast, or make a tray of pure pineapple juice ice cubes to pop into drinks! One fresh slice of pineapple is 0.5 yums. PS: Watermelon works, too.

ASK THE EXPERTS. Regular bloating could suggest a food intolerance. A trip to a qualified nutritionist could hold the answers to a lifetime’s frustration. Similarly, if you are on the combined pill, this may be upsetting your tummy. Ask your doctor about your options.

Here are the skinny on the top 4 culprits for bloating.


SKIP the fizzy drinks

Anything carbonated – including sparkling water, sorry! – puts bubbles in your tum, with no place to go but bloat! Drink plenty of tap water instead, and bring a bottle to sip on by the sea. A slice of lemon or lime will liven it up.

PASS on the chips

And the white bagels. And the white rice! These high-carb, high Glycaemic Index foods are burned off by the body at a slower rate. Simply put: your metabolism won’t have time to burn off that bagel before you bathe. So, unless you’re planning to run a marathon before you hit the beach – resist


The higher the salt content in your system, the higher your likelihood of water retention. Too much salt = a sluggish stomach!

DON'T chew it

Chewing gum can make you swallow air, which then gets trapped in your belly, causing  bloating, and gas.

SAVE your ice cream money

While delicious on a summer’s day, ice cream has two distinct drawbacks. First, it’s high in sugar content, which raises insulin and blood sugar levels, leading to belly fat storage. Second, many of us are to some degree lactose intolerant, meaning we’re likely to experience cramps and bloating post-99. A tasty solution? Say yes to Unislim Fruity Ice Lollies. Try the recipe here

For more information on healthy food options, why not join a Unislim class today and learn to love life more! 

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