Weddings are days to savour. Being a guest means sharing in love, laughter and dancing. A wedding also means getting dressed up, providing a deadline to get in shape for that perfect party dress. But how can you savour all a wedding day has to offer, without falling off the slimming wagon?

 While the couple says ‘I do’, make this your to-do, and don’t, list!

Check The Menu

DO think ahead. Any excited bride will let you know what’s on her wedding menu, meaning you can choose what you’ll chew in advance. In general, opt for lean meats and fish over red meats, avoid heavy carbs and stock up on salad. Refer to your Forever Free plan to ensure you make the savvy decisions on the day.

Eat Up!

DON’T arrive hungry. A bowl of porridge or fresh fruit salad before you head to the church will prevent you reaching for the buffet table bread rolls. When it comes to canapés, do try to avoid the fried or the creamy. Pick instead tasty morsels like grilled prawns, crab salad, smoked salmon and asparagus. If in doubt, go without!

Earn Bonus BITES!

DO save up your Bonus BITES for the big day out. A healthy and happy exercise routine in the days leading up to a wedding will allow you an extra treat. And don’t forget – there’s a dancefloor waiting for your arrival! Thirty minutes of shaking your booty will earn you 3 Bonus BITES. And no, it doesn’t matter about co-ordination; it’s all about enthusiasm!

Cool Off On Cocktails

DON’T let a sugary cocktail spoil your efforts. If drinking alcohol, order a spirit with slimline or diet mixer, and if enjoying a glass of wine, check out the glass size (is it bigger than usual?). When it comes to toasting the happy couple, stick to one glass of champagne, and don’t allow your glass be refilled. Finally, for every alcoholic tipple, have a glass of tap water. Your waistline, and your head, will thank you later!

Pack A Snack

DO stash some snacks in your handbag. It is a long day, and you may get hungry, so packing a healthy secret weapon works. Multigrain crackers, dried apricots or sesame seeds are ready to curb your munchie craving!

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