10 Day BOT Plan

With Christmas just around the corner, find out how to look festively fabulous in that little black dress on the 25th with our top ten tips!

Get Up 10 Minutes Early

Get up 10 minutes early and make time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, start your day with a herbal tea or hot water with wedge of lemon and grated ginger.


Start Exercising Again

Don’t let the wintry weather discourage you-start exercising again. Even a short ten minute walk is better than nothing. Download a free pedometer app and aim for 10,000 steps per day.


Change Your Attitude

Change your attitude. Believe you can get back on track and start feeling positive about yourself.

Freshen Up Your Cupboards

Freshen up your cupboards. Have a clear out of all junk food in the house and throw out or give-away foods you know are unhealthy.  Stock up your fridge with fresh fruits and veg that are in season, along with healthy snacks.


Try a New Recipe

Warm up with a super soup. Get your taste buds excited and try a new recipe!

Refocus Your Goals

Refocus your goals. There are 5  weeks to Christmas, you can easily lose a few pounds before then- think positive.

Get Back In Control

Get back in control.  To really get back on track try our unique Unislim Carb Free Day, you will find plenty of yummy crab-free foods on your Forever Free plan.

Get Motivated and Inspired

Get motivated and inspired by other peoples’ achievements. Click here to read about our Unislimmer of the Year winners!

Start Tracking

Start Tracking.  Keep an eye on your food intake by writing down what you eat.

Up Your H2O

 Aim for 8 glasses of water per day and you’ll start to look and feel better.

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