Boo! It may be spooky season, but here in Unislim, we want to make sure you don’t have any scary surprises on weigh in day!

Presenting, our brand new Happy Halloween Guide – available FREE to all members at class this week.

Even though Halloween is only a one-day affair, it has the potential to derail your best intentions.

With treats and goodies creeping around the house, it’s important that you know just how many Bites are in those shiny little packets before they take a bite out of you.

This handy little guide will prep you with:

  • A delicious Halloween Brack recipe – so you can enjoy the festivities and stay on track.
  • Halloween night dinner – try our incredible Spiced Slow Roast Pork recipe, perfect for any time of the year, but particularly warming after a visit to the bonfire!
  • Tips & Treats – with your pocket sized Bites guide for the most popular Halloween treats and tips to keep those ghosts and ghouls at bay.

Pick up your copy, only at class this week!