Eat Smart!

If you knew there was a certain type of food that could actually make you smarter, would you eat it? The truth is, that a healthy brain actually means better grades!

During exams it’s important that you eat the right foods. It can seem like a quick fix, to grab a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps, but these foods can drain you and leave you feeling sluggish at the very time that you need to be feeling your best.

Swipe to see our top 6 super study foods to get you on the road to exam success.

Pumpkin Seeds

Bulk up on your thinking skills by snacking on a handful of iron-rich pumpkin seeds. Make them super delicious with our spicy pumpkin seed recipe here.


Munch on some yummy blueberries each day and you could see an improvement to your short-term memory.


The carbohydrates in bananas help you stay alert and give you a quick energy kick. Eat one before your exam to turbo boost you through it.


Full of Vitamin K for super brain power and cognitive skills, broccoli is the perfect study snack. We have so many delicious recipes that include broccoli on our website for you to try.

Wholegrains (Breads/Pasta/Rice)

Healthy wholegrains give you a steady supply of glucose to your brain helping you to stay focused and have better concentration.

Fishy Business

Oil-rich fish like salmon contain brain boosting Omega 3’s. Try our  smoked salmon toast to get your healthy wholegrains in too.

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