“The support and motivation I get from the Unislim app is fantastic” – Amanda Dolan

Start Weight

14st 8.5lbs

Total weight loss

5st 4.5lbs

Now just

9st 4lbs



Class Coach:

Natasha Kemmy

Class Attended:


After years of yoyo dieting and an injury that stopped her in her tracks, Amanda Dolan decided to take back control of her weight and discovered all she needed was a plan that suited her to a tee.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, on and off, but more so in the later years. My twenties and thirties, I’d have watched my weigh. When I turned 40, though, I broke my ankle, and it was then that the weight really crept on – having surgeries, being unable to move. My last surgery was at the beginning of 2018, and after that I decided I had to do something about my weight. That said, I couldn’t get motivated, and yet the weight was getting me down. I hadn’t realised how much I’d actually gained until I saw a photograph that was taken in August 2018 at a tea party. And it was at that moment I said, “That’s it – I have to do something.” I had a kidney removed in recent years, too, which made me even more determined to lose the weight and keep it off. I knew I needed a class, but I was lacking the courage and confidence to join one, so it wasn’t until after Christmas before I made the leap, and I joined Unislim in January 2019.

It was my auntie who mentioned Unislim, saying there was this new plan where you can have carbs three times a day, and I thought, “Yeah, that sounds like a plan for me.” I didn’t realise how finicky I was until a member in Unislim pointed it out to me. And then I realised I could work the plan to suit myself. Also, I didn’t have to starve myself, you enjoy lots of food because it’s three meals and two snacks a day. It’s given me such freedom and happiness – I feel so much lighter in every way.

I couldn’t do much exercise because of my bad ankle, so I was really worried about that, but they said, “If you can just try and get in a 15-minute walk, you earn a bite.” So, I started to try and do a little bit here and there, and eventually, I’d built it up to half an hour a couple of times a week. My partner then bought me a treadmill, and I started doing half an hour four to five times a week when gave me lots of energy.

I didn’t realise, before Unislim, just how much of a sweet tooth I had. I’d have always considered myself a savoury person. But I’d think, “If I’m going to have a treat, it’s going to be something special that I’m really going to enjoy.” It’s all about your frame of mind. Once I’m in a good frame of mind, I can do anything.

Life is fantastic now. My kids have seen a massive difference in me. I can do stuff with them I could never do before like go for a cycle. My parents are proud of me too. Buying nice clothes and fitting into smaller sizes means everything to me. Unislim has given me something that I never thought I’d see – it’s just fantastic.

My advice to others just starting their own journey is to simply plan your day ahead and stick with it. Plan your breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. Some people can plan two days in advance; for me, it’s a day at a time.

The support and motivation I get from the Unislim app is fantastic – I use it to track all my food, so I can keep an eye on how many bites I’ve earned, and the advice I get from other members there is brilliant. My leader, Natasha Delaney, is amazing. Her support has been brilliant from day one. I also have a Unislim buddy, and we text each other every day to see how each other is doing, and that really helps, life has never been better.