“Go for it, do it for yourself, no one else!” Sharon Beacom

Start Weight

13st 13.5lbs

Total weight loss

4st 7lbs

Now just

9st 6.5lbs



Class Coach:

Sally-Ann Lennon

I was widowed at the grand old age of 28 with 3 children all under 4. My husband was only 30 when he passed away. So life dealt me an awful blow at a very young age. Times were tough bringing my 3 children up on my own and food was always a comfort for me. I was having heart issues and was told to stop all activity until tests were completed. So of course I couldn’t exercise and just comfort ate. I had open heart surgery in 2016. Due to my heart problems, Lupus and Fibromyalgia, I had put on so much weight over the years. And of course I started the whole viscous circle of feeling awful about being overweight and then ate more to comfort myself. Eventually I just decided enough was enough and that was the start of my weight loss journey.

I had lost some weight before but I did find other plans quite restrictive in comparison to Unislim, it’s so liberating being able to eat delicious tasty food, the plan works around me. I love trying different Unislim recipes and they’re all available at your fingertips.

When it comes to exercise, I walk … a lot! When I had open heart surgery and other health issues I thought I couldn’t exercise. But I came to the decision that I wanted to start walking so that I could earn my bites, maintain my weight, and enjoy the odd treat. I always thought walking was boring, but now, I put in my earphones and I could walk for miles. I feel so much stronger, and it’s really wonderful for my mental as well as physical health.

Losing weight definitely puts you in a better headspace. I’m just thinking to myself, ‘I couldn’t have done this before’. Now, that there’s less weight on my joints I’m a different person, l feel 20 years younger. I live my life now in a more enjoyable way while maintaining a healthy weight. I’ve been attending Sally-Ann’s virtual class which suits me perfectly. When I was isolating during the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go anywhere so havingthe virtual class, made my life so much easier. You can pick a day and time that suits you and if you miss a class for any reason, your leader can send you a recording so you can watch it back. No matter where you are in the world you can still attend your weekly class. It’s brilliant, Unislim just fits into your life perfectly. It’s not a diet in the way that most people think. It’s a way of life. It’s so easy and so accessible. This is how I want to keep living my life.