“Losing Weight Changed My Life” – Pamela O’Shea

Start Weight

18st 2lbs

Total weight loss

9st 6lbs

Now just

8st 10lbs



Class Coach:

Orlaigh Mc Carthy

Class Attended:


Blonde bombshell Pamela O’Shea has lost almost 10 stone. Now, with her new found confidence and a spring in her step, Pamela, has started running, set up her own business and is now ready to take on the world!

Looking back at the old me, I had a serious weight problem. When I was a child and in my teens I was a bit pudgy. A lack of exercise and not eating properly meant every year I gained a bit more and it kept creeping up. I went through phases of losing a few stone and then things would slip. It’s hard doing it on your own, and if you have a slip up, you lose track and feel worse.

It was only when I got a dog, Frankie and started taking him for walks that I realized how unfit I was. I was out of breath after a few minutes and I was only 33. That was a wake-up call and I knew I had to take control of my health.

I knew a few people in the Unislim Cashel class, so in December 2012 I took the plunge. Some people told me to wait until after Christmas, but I felt that if I left it until January I probably wouldn’t do it.

When I stepped on the scales, I knew that this was the new beginning for me.

When you weigh yourself at home you can trick yourself into thinking the scales might be a few pounds out.

A really good thing about Unislim is that gives you a focus and the guidelines are there for you to follow, you really have no excuses. You always have that one-on-one support. Nobody rushes or judges you. Your leader will help you every step of the way and motivate you.

My advice, don’t put pressure on yourself with a big target, think of manageable mini-goals to work towards, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Each week I lost a pound or two but it kept moving and I knew each pound was bringing me closer to my goal. If you stick to the Unislim plan and exercise, you can’t go wrong.

I used to be a picker, I’d get home from work at 6pm and wonder what to cook for my dinner and start eating biscuits. My biggest issue was crisps and biscuits. Now, I still enjoy a packet of crisps or biscuit with my cup of tea, just in moderation.

I feel like a completely different person. I have now lost 9stone 10lbs. When you lose that much weight it takes a while for the mind to catch up. I still pick up bigger sizes when shopping for clothes and then have to go back to the rails and pick up smaller sizes. It still surprises me and puts a smile on my face!

I now love exercise. I walk and run for an hour a few mornings each week, it’s a really uplifting start to the day. If someone had told me that five years ago when I couldn’t walk from A to B, I wouldn’t have believed them. I enjoy life now. Not only have I lost weight, but made so many positive changes to my lifestyle.

Unislim will always be part of my life. I’m at target weight but as a Freeslimmer, I still go for weigh-ins to keep on track to keep the positivity going.

My confidence got a huge boost and two years ago I opened my business as a holistic therapist. When you’re carrying a lot of weight you’re existing not living. Now I feel great and healthy – I’m thinking ‘What else can I do for me, because there’s nothing I can’t do’