“I’m back to feeling like myself after 31 years” Berni Beatty

Start Weight

20st 11.5lbs

Total weight loss

10st 1lbs

Now just

10st 10.5lbs



Class Coach:

Andrea Bassett

Class Attended:


I joined Unislim on the 24th of January 2019. I was close to 21 stone. I was heading for diabetes and probably a heart attack; blood tests showed my cholesterol was raised. So it was mostly because of my health that I joined. My parents were worried; my mum would get upset when she’d talk to me about my weight. At that time, I had my first grandchild, and I couldn’t lift her, couldn’t run after her. I couldn’t get halfway up the stairs without stopping to try and breathe. I was so unhappy and cranky all the time.

One night, I saw a message pop up on Facebook: Join Unislim. The next Thursday, I was in the Maldron Hotel in Tallaght. I was very nervous when I walked in. I’ll never forget it – my leader, Sarah Bourke was there welcoming me with a big smile, and I stepped on the scales. The journey started from there, and 11 months later, I had lost seven stone. I worked the plan and the plan worked for me. I read my books, attended every class, listened, and took it all in. I will always be thankful to Unislim because they gave me the ingredients, and I put those ingredients together with the help of Sarah.

The plan was simple: three meals and two snacks, and the kitchen is closed after my last treat in the evening. I didn’t drink water before, nor taken any fruit or veg. Now, they’re back on my plate. My health improved. I was just putting back into my body what it was screaming out for. I needed a big change, not just for me but for everyone around me. My friends, husband, daughter, sons, grandchildren, parents, sisters – everyone is so proud of me. My neighbour said he’s never seen anyone transform the way I have. I’m back to me after 31 years.

There were a few stumbling blocks along the way. Christmas 2019, I went to an extra class and discovered I’d gone up for the first time, by half a pound. That was hard. Julie Fitzpatrick (who lost 16 stone with Unislim) attended one of our classes and I asked her how she felt when she had her first up. She said, “You put it behind you, and you pick yourself up and have a start again’. When lockdown came, it was hard at first without the classes. I work from home, so going to class was my outlet – I’d do my hair and make-up and get dressed up. I’ve missed that, but I’ve been doing the Unislim Online, and they’re great.

I love watching my Unizoom class each week, it keeps me motivated and the weekly content helps to inspire me for new recipe ideas. 

I also track my weight & my food intake on the app and it allows me to keep in touch with other members for support and encouragement.  I also started walking in March. I walk up to 6km every day and once a week, now I do 10km, I love it.

I have now lost a total of 10st 1lb and now I’m going to pull out all the stops with the help of my online leader Andrea and Unislim’s new Fast 21 plan.  I’m determined to lose the last few pounds to get me to my target of 10 stone, 7 lbs. 

I was initially planning to go away with friends to mark my 10 stone loss before restrictions returned, so when the country opens up again, I’m going to Cork to stay in a nice hotel and be spoiled.

You need to do this for yourself. That’s what I did – my children were grown, and I said, “It’s my time to look after me.” At the end of the day, if you don’t look after you, who’s going to look after all of them? So do this for you.

I am so happy now. I can go into a shop and buy clothes that I want to buy. It’s not just a physical change I’ve gone through, but a mental change too. I’m a different person now.