“It’s my time to shine” Eileen Abbott

Start Weight

11st 11.5lbs

Total weight loss

3st 7.5lbs

Now just

8st 4lbs



Class Coach:

Breda McCann

Class Attended:


“Now that I’m in my mid-fifties, I am enjoying life more and this is all down to the Unislim They’ve given me the tools to achieve amazing results. I’m more energised and looking forward to the future with my new healthy, happy lifestyle. It’s my time to shine.”

The turning point for me to lose weight was a photograph – it was taken of me decorating the Christmas tree in December 2019. I decided then and there, looking at that picture, that I really had to be serious about losing weight as I had tried before.  So I joined Unislim with a fresh new perspective.

I was really unhappy with my size & didn’t want to go anywhere. I love clothes, and nothing in my wardrobe fitted me. That got me down more than anything. If I was going anywhere, it was always such an effort because I didn’t know what to wear and had to go out and get something new in a bigger size. And I was worried about my health. I was afraid to go out walking in case I wouldn’t manage walking up a hill.

The difference I felt losing weight this time is I had time to devote to myself. And I had to trust myself, and really follow through. I have three boys, aged from 20 to 28 and they are so great – every week when I come back from my classes, they’d ask me how I got on.

What I love most about the Balance plan is the food suits everybody in the family. I don’t have to make special meals for myself, it’s wholesome healthy eating. Everything is so simple – the recipes are easy to follow. And there’s nothing you can’t have.

The first lockdown was a bit of a challenge, being stuck at home, and my weight did go up a bit but my leader got a WhatsApp group going and we were all back on track. My leader is so encouraging. My husband was also so supportive – when classes were paused, he weighed me every Sunday morning.

I started exercising, too, which I hated before – I’d often put on the runners, go to the front door and then turn back. But like everyone else in the country during lockdown, I started walking and a half a pound a week turned into a pound a week, and that was great encouragement for me.

I walk every day. My husband and I are doing more together now too – he loves being outdoors, and before I would sit back and let him off on his own, whereas now, every Sunday we’ll drive somewhere to go for a long walk together. Being outdoors is great for clearing your head and helping you sleep at night. Life now is absolutely great, it’s my time to shine

My advice to anyone considering joining Unislim or just beginning their own journey is to just believe in yourself, and trust the plan – the plan works. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid, thinking it may be a stupid question – chances are, someone else will be wondering the same thing. You have to mind the body you’re given. If you can just stick it out for 21 days, you’ve built a new habit … and it’s the best habit you’ll ever have.

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