Bronagh Mangan “I feel amazing”

Start Weight

16st 6lbs

Total weight loss

5st 11lbs

Now just

10st 10lbs



Class Coach:

Jean Kelly

Class Attended:


From shy to sassy, Bronagh Mangan from Bray has transformed not only her body, but her outlook on life. Now, 5 stone 11lbs lighter, this blonde bombshell is ready to take on the world.

I started to gain weight in my teen years, each year it would creep up a little more.  After college I went to London and worked in a pub for 7 years, my food was cooked for me, so my daily meals were pub grub. Once a week, I’d have a salad and think I was being healthy. As the pounds went on, my confidence was affected and as a result I didn’t have much of a social life.

After trying to have a baby for a few years, my doctor advised me that my weight was hindering my efforts.  Fortunately, I did get pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl.  However, it wasn’t until my daughter was 3 years old, at the age of 38, that I thought to myself enough is enough. I didn’t want to be the “big mom” at the school gate, with no energy to play with her.

I have known the local Bray Unislim leader, Jean Kelly since childhood. I had followed her story and was inspired by her weight loss of over 7 stone and how she had been crowned Unislimmer Of The Year. I had questions on how Unislim worked, what I could eat, and what to expect.  Jean reassured me and explained that it was the best healthy eating plan out there. That nothing was off limits and that I would learn how to eat for my body, never be hungry and still lose weight.

I never cooked before I joined Unislim, now I cook from scratch most days and I enjoy it.  I find that batch cooking and freezing individual portions helps me stay on track and in control – especially on hectic days.  I love that if I fancy a treat, like some chocolate, I can have it, but I have learned that if a treat starts becoming a daily thing, it’s not a treat, it’s a habit.

As my weight came down, I wanted to tone up, so I started exercising.  I now love getting out for a walk, it makes feel so much better and I now have so much more energy.  If I am having a weak moment I throw my runners on and get outside for some fresh air, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, it helps clear my head.

The biggest change in me is my confidence.  I might not get out as much as I’m a single Mum but when I do I go for it.  I get my hair done, tan and make up done, put on a fab dress and feel amazing and sexy.   I’m still getting used to shopping because I automatically go for a bigger size.  But when I realise I’m actually a size 10, I still can’t believe it. During my Unislim photoshoot, the stylist handed me a pair of size 10 skinny jeans, putting them on felt incredible – I can’t wait by buy a pair, I never thought I’d hear myself say that!