2019 Winner – Bernie Finn

Start Weight

18st 12lbs

Total weight loss


Now just

9st 12lbs



Class Coach:

Darina Johnston

Class Attended:


Bernie Finn from Gorey is holding her head high as she celebrates all of her determination paying off having lost 9 stone since joining her local Unislim class. Due to her incredible success, Bernie made it into the shortlist of only 12 ‘Unislimmers’ from across the country and on 17th October was crowned Unislimmer of the Year 2019.

“It all came to a head around the end of 2016 when I developed several problems with my health from being overweight. I was 18 stone 10. I could hardly walk. I said to my husband I have to do something about this. Then on the way back from holidays the seat belt wouldn’t fit. I took a photo of myself and cried all the way home.
I’d been going to Unislim on and off over the years but only when it suited me, on a week when I’d lost weight! This time I decided no matter how long it takes, I’m not giving up. Within a couple of weeks I really started to feel much better. I noticed that the foods I was eating were making me feel lighter and better.
I started to take photos of myself and feel better about myself, it really motivated me. I lost three stone in three months, seven stone in nine months and then I got to my target, eight and a half stone in 14 months.
When I joined I gave up my car. Now I’m running with my son, I walk 15-20,000 steps most days. I’ve started going to the gym, my husband is going. I can see the positive effect on the whole family. Within three months all my health issues disappeared.
If I hadn’t started a year and a half ago I’m not sure where I’d be. It’s changed the future for all of us, the kids especially. They’ll grow up healthy. They only eat fresh food, they see both their parents are active all the time. The Unislim plan is very much about eating lots, but the right stuff.
To look at me now I’m like a different person, some people don’t recognise me. I look 20 years younger.
Being overweight is tough, feeling self-conscious and in the way all the time, not being able to put on your socks or play with your kids. Every day was a struggle, life was exhausting. I now wake up feeling happy, positive and excited for the future! Now I love clothes, I have energy and feel good about myself”.

Top Tips

I have a fantastic leader in Maureen – she has helped me understand what a portion of carbs should be and how to make the most of the free foods… and also to have a little treat if I want it. She rings and texts me every week and sends on brilliant tips. I never missed a class. The tips that are shared keep you on track, and if you have a bad day you can support each other.