Summer is finally on its way, and we know you’re dreaming of long, balmy al fresco evenings and sunny fresh days outdoors. Our Superboost plan will help you feel confident in your summer wardrobe while creating a healthier relationship with food by eating fresh, delicious meals. You’ll give your health, energy and weight loss a turbo boost if you follow this plan over the next 21 days.

In just 21 days, you’ll feel healthier, fitter and full of life… and ready to don that sun dress you have your eye on! This plan will help you create a healthier relationship with food through a diet of fresh, delicious and highly nutritious meals. Ready to get started? Read on…

A balanced plan

You’ve a choice of 21 delicious recipes which we’ve created for you to fuel your body while satisfying your taste buds. You’ll enjoy 3 tasty and nutritious meals and two healthy snacks each day. Think lemon crusted salmon, spinach and garlic mushroom omelette, beef stroganoff, fruity curried chicken salad, Turkish eggs, and banana and oat pancakes.

Snack smart

Smart snacking can really help you boost your weight loss, mood and energy throughout the day. It keeps cravings at bay, avoiding energy dips and overeating at your next meal. Check out our top tips on portion sizes, the right food choices so every snack will be one to savour, and help you balance your daily intake for the best results. Whether it’s a cup of freshly made Unislim soup, berries and yoghurt, wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese and apple, or a handful of nuts, you’ll find the snack you crave that will keep hunger at bay.

Let’s kick start your weight loss this summer. Get your free copy of our Superboost plan on Unislim Online today!

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