Superfoods like strawberries and salmon work wonders for our bodies and our minds; the trouble is,  they won’t sustain their nutritional value if they’re bulked up with batter and salt . Here’s 5 top tips to help you make the most of these fab foods!


Salmon is loaded with disease fighting acids minerals and vitamins, just remember to enjoy this fishy dishy batter free. Battering or frying salmon diminishes it’s natural goodness. Enjoy fresh salmon with soya or lemon instead- yummy!


Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, they aid brain power and even fight cancer. That being said, a blueberry muffin in the morning won’t put a pep in your step as the muffin compromises the berries natural goodness, so eat these cute fruits solo!


All nuts vary in nutritional value but generally speaking they are rich in protein and calcium. Ditch the salty and seasoned kind and stick to the unsalted range instead. Their natural nuttiness is tasty enough without loading on the extras.


Popcorn is a surprisingly antioxidant-rich snack, provided you pop your own! Smothering popcorn in butter and salt will automatically set you back. Stick to making your own instead of buying the buttery kind.


If you’re not a strawberry fan- you should be! They are packed with antioxidants and they boost immunity. Enjoy this fab fruit with natural yogurt instead of whipped cream; it’s a nicer alternative and of course it’s a healthier option.

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