Forever Free is the plan for me. Week 3

Hi there slimmers!

As my third week on the Forever Free plan comes to a close, I must say I’m genuinely delighted with my progress so far. I have opened my eyes and my mind to so many new foods and flavors and swapping my snacks from salty to savory hasn’t been half as hard as I imagined it would be. I’m hoping for a good result in class tomorrow- wish me luck! Read about my five fab food swaps that have helped me stay on track.

If you feel like quitting, remember why you started. 

Ciara. xo

Swap White for Brown

Anyone who is trying to lose weight will tell you that white bread is the devil, so that was the first thing to go. Instead of eating starchy white bread sandwiches at lunchtime, I’ve swapped to wholegrain bread instead. I’m surprised to say I actually prefer the taste and it leaves me feeling fuller for longer. Wholegrain pumpkin and poppy seed is my personal favorite. For something different, give it a try.

Swap Regular Tea for Herbal Tea

As we know on the Emerald Isle, tea drinking is something of a ritual and like many others; a nice cuppa is an essential part of my daily routine. I used to take my tea with full fat milk and two spoons of sugar… TWO! Now, I’ve gone green. I find that a steaming cup of green tea is a great way to kick-start the morning plus its jam packed full of natural goodness and it has been proven to rev up your metabolism.

Swap Regular Cooking Oil for Low-Cal Spray Oil

Low-cal spray oil is something I honestly never thought about until I joined Unislim. When cooking at home, the regular cooking oil was always in the fridge so that’s what I used. A lot of  Unislim recipes call for a spritz of low-cal and the difference in taste is minimal, if at all noticeable- even when cooking a fry up! For a great Free Brunch recipe, read more here.

Swap Full Fat for Light and Low

Next time you’re in the kitchen, do an audit on your fridge. You probably don’t even notice the amount of full-fat foods you’re buying; until recently I certainly didn’t. By swapping full-fat milk, cheese, mayonnaise, soup and soda for the low stuff I’ve seen a substantial difference in myself. In doing this, I am more cautious about what I eat but I’m still not missing out on any foodie favorites.

Swap Salt for Spices


Salt is something that can be found on most dinner tables. We sprinkle it on our plates without thinking or even tasting our food first! Next time you sit down to a delicious meal use pepper or spices instead to boost the flavor of your food. I’ve been practically salt-free for three weeks now and I hardly miss it.  For more fab flavor boosters click here. 

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