New fitness challenges for the whole family

Being cooped up all day for days and weeks on end isn’t healthy for anyone. Thankfully, we can still exercise within a 2km radius of our homes, so use this opportunity to get the whole household outdoors for some quality family time (and the bonus is more physical activity for everyone). If this lockdown has one upside, it’s that we’re connecting with our loved ones more than ever, and that needn’t just be via screens. Here are a few things you can do together to shake up your daily routine…

Unislim family on scooters

Dust off those old scooters, skates and cycles and get moving

When was the last time you went rollerblading? Seriously. Kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun getting their daily exercise. We recently spotted a mother using a flicker while out with her clan and she looked like she was having a brilliant time. So crack open the shed, go up to the attic and dig out whatever equipment suits your size (and yes, a mix of different sets of wheels is totally acceptable so don’t feel you need to order anything online, just work with what you have) and get everyone out together.

Unislim crossfit in the garden

CrossFit in the garden

Set a time you’ll all get together in the back garden and do some simple exercises. No equipment necessary. Start with star jumps and proceed to burpees, lunges, running in place, knee-ups, press-ups, sit-ups and planks. Your basic PE class at home (your kids’ teachers will be so impressed). If you do happen to have dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls or even skipping ropes in the house, try different, simple exercises using these – just be sure you know what you’re doing, use them properly and carefully, and have the kids only use what’s appropriate for their age and size.

unislim family basketball

Play a ball game together

Again, work with what you have, be it a basketball and net, a ping pong table, or a pair of tennis rackets and your local court. Time is something we have now more than ever so use it to your advantage and have some old-fashioned fun. (PS, throwing a ball for your dog to fetch totally counts.)

Unislim family running

Hit the track

Got a community running track or even a large green nearby? Kick things up a notch by practising drill exercises (butt kicks, step lunges, sprints) or even hold mini races (you can even use a household item like a wooden spoon as a baton for a relay). Making a game of it will take your minds off the work part and you’ll get a great workout in the process.

Family watching US!online workout

Family screen time

Get everyone in the household together to try out our online personal trainer-led workouts and yoga sessions on US! online. The Morning Rise yoga routine is a great way for everyone to start their day and shake off the cobwebs, while our PT-led videos will ensure everyone learns the correct way to carry out exercises they will continue to do throughout their lifetime. Plus, they’ll stop asking you what you’re watching when you continue to follow our videos in future! We have new videos added for you each week so keep following, keep moving, keep learning, and stay motivated.

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