Shop smart with Unislim!

Successful slimmers know that when it comes to supermarket shopping, you need to think ahead, and when the time comes, take no prisoners!

It’s a tried and tested formula: making little changes to how you shop can make all the difference to your week, and to your waistline.

So, are you ready to hit the aisles? Read these trolley tips first!


Pop a written list in your pocket, or note your shopping plan on your phone. Knowing that you want before you enter the supermarket means less time wasted and less temptation is thrown your way. The most successful Unislimmers plan and complete their week’s shop in one trip, stocking up on ready-to-grab foods to keep them on track. Pick up our Unislim seven-day Track It every week at your local class, and you’re halfway there!


Cheese, for one, comes in large portions. And wow, is it addictive stuff, especially the creamy kinds! Supermarkets want you to buy the big triangle, but you don’t have to play their game. For a treat, select a cheese you like (a reduced fat Cheddar, perhaps) and ask for it cut to a smaller size at the deli counter. Smarter again? Bag some pre-packed cheese triangles, like The Laughing Cow Light.


Filling your trolley with a wide variety of colourful vegetables is the clever slimmer’s way to go. A rainbow mix is great for your metabolism, and with so many Forever Free veggies to choose from, you can afford to play around with your next recipe. A savvy shopping tip? Enquire about your local supermarket’s fresh fruit and veg delivery days, meaning you’ll get the best in your basket – first!


Ever bought a terrible dress because a friend told you to? Same can apply to supermarket shopping à deux! Hitting the aisles with a pal or partner who’s following an eating plan different to your own increases your chances of checkout confusion.You know the feeling…as in, how did that end up on my conveyor belt??!



Why buy boring white rice, when there are a host of good-for-you grains now available in shops across Ireland? Unislim favourites include quinoa (tasty stuff, and yummy in salads), spelt (a delicious earthy taste, found in many wholegrain breads), pearl barley (sweet and chewy; a boost for your soup) and bulgur wheat (a nutty flavour to perk up a stir-fry).


Ask your butcher, and he shall provide! Let him know you’d like the leanest meat possible, asking him to compare fat contents on labels if necessary. Avoid processed meats like sausages and bacon, favouring instead unprocessed chicken, beef and pork. When cooking, trim off any excess fats, and let the iron, vitamins and minerals found in lovely lean meat work their magic!


Mealtime gets more appealing when your spice rack is ready for action! All spices and herbs are Forever Free, and some are digestive aids, too: think fennel, ginger and garlic. If feeling saucy (in the supermarket, mind!!) opt for 0-yum food sauces like Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and tomato passata.


Why not grocery shop online? It cuts stress, and cuts out the chance of that biscuit pack jumping into your basket when you’re not looking! Superquinn, Supervalu and many other major supermarket chains offer a easy-to-use online shopping service.


And finally…

NEVER SHOP HUNGRY. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

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