Fancy dropping a dress size and wow your family day on Christmas Day!

Too many Christmas days have been spent buzzing around the kitchen in an oversized apron hiding those lumps and bumps, well this year is going to be different! We want you to be the life and soul of the Christmas party, enjoying a confidence boost and heaps of compliments from friends and family, feeling fantastic in that perfect dress that looks amazing on you.  We want you to be the first one in front of the camera, beaming, having fun, no more shying away in the background.

Follow our 5 Easy Steps to help you lose 10lbs and drop a dress size for Christmas.

Free Food Festivities

Get back to basics.  Read your Feed Yourself Fit Plan again and refresh your memory with the FREE foods that you can enjoy in abundance.  Remember, your free foods should always make up 2/3’s of your plate.  These are the foods that your body LOVES and they will help you drop lbs.

Track Attack!

Your best ally for success is your Track It.  By documenting everything you eat, you are in full control – sneaky foods can’t sneak up on you.  For even better results, track from the night before.  This way, you are going into a new day with a plan, once you have your plan set out on paper, it will be hard to deviate from it!

Get your head in the game!

Visualize yourself looking and feeling fantastic on Christmas day! Picture yourself having fun with the family, not shying away from the festivities.  It may seem silly, but mentally you are preparing yourself for success.

Move it to lose it

Moving your body will not only help you tone up, but will help you feel a super energy boost.  Try to work some short burst exercises into your day, as interval training will really help your body firm up. However, this doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym 3 times a day – try to get 3 x 20 minute walks in, once you are getting your heart pumping and breaking a sweat, you know you are on to a winner.

Make the changes now

There is no point in waiting until Christmas week to work on your weight – now is the time to get cracking.  With 5 weeks to go, you can easily put the work in and reap the benefits come festive season. By that stage, you will also be in a fab, healthy routine that will spur you on to make better choices over the Christmas period.

You can lose 10lbs for Christmas.  Join your local UniSlim class today and realise that losing weight doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.  All of your favourite foods can be worked into the plan, even those special treats, like a piece of chocolate, or a glass of wine.  With UniSlim you will learn how to whip up family-friendly meals that will help you trim down, without even the fussiest of eaters noticing that it is a healthier version! No more making separate meals just for you, no more depriving yourself, no more sacrificing on taste, no more feeling hungry!

Find your local class here.

7 steps to a slimmer you this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on and December is flying by so we have compiled our quickest tips and tricks to help you look and feel fabulous on the 25th.


Are you ready for action? Well, deck the halls and get ready for a sleigh ride to feeling slimmer!

Tip 1: Breakfast For Winners

Always, always eat a breakfast.  Whether you are an early bird or a morning snoozer, allow yourself some time in the morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast to kick start your day and set you up for slimming success.  Not only will it power up your metabolism, but it will improve your mood for the day.

Our favourite breakfast:  poached egg, with mushrooms on wholegrain toast. Bite!

Tip 2: Blitz It

Soups are a Unislimmers favourite throughout the year and Christmas time should be no different.  Experiment with seasonal root vegetables and keep a pot of warm, filling, delicious soup ready for you to tuck into when you feel peckish – or even to just warm cold hands! Whether you prefer yours blitzed or chunky, one thing is for sure, enjoying home-made healthy soups will help you see big results on the scales.

Tip 3: Go Lo (GI)

The superpowers contained in low GI foods mean that you are fueling your body for longer.  By making simple swaps like switching from white bread to wholegrain, you will sustain your satiety for longer, meaning you won’t find yourself reaching for another sandwich or for the cookie jar later.

Tip 4: Look At Your Plate

When dishing up your dinner, use your plate as your number 1 key to success.  If your plate is overloaded, you are giving yourself permission to eat it all.  Balance your plate the healthy way – remember 1/4 of your plate should contain carbohydrates like potato, rice, pasta or couscous, 1/4 of your plate should contain proteins like chicken, fish, meat or beans and the rest of your plate should be filled with colourful fresh veggies or salads.  Click here for delicious healthy recipe ideas.

Tip 5: Pack A Snack

Be prepared. If you know that your weak spot is at 4pm, or even when the soaps are on in the evening, be ready for it by having healthy snacks ready to go. From a gorgeous fruit salad with yogurt, to some nuts, or even some homemade hummus with pitta dippers, there are so many yummy treats you can tuck into that will help you lose weight.  Figure out your key time and have your favourite Unislim friendly snacks ready to go.

Tip 6: Rally The Troops

Gather a friend or two and make a date with the pavement or a local workout class. Not only will it pump your endorphins and help boost your mood, but you will burn calories and tone your body.  From walking, running to taking a high impact class, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep moving!

Tip 7: Keep Going

During the run-up to Christmas, you will be tempted by nights out and parties with friends.  With Unislim you are free to enjoy life to the full, so don’t fear these events, just simply plan in advance.  Earn your Bonus BITES before nights out and remember that you can have a little of what you fancy.  If you go a little OTT, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track the next day and keep going! For more tips and motivation, visit your local Unislim Class.

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