Want better skin in one week? If the sunny weather makes you want to bare a little more skin, our 6 skin-loving superfoods will help you glow in the sunshine. Gorgeous skin – here we come!



Because sometimes mother really does know best, carrots aren’t simply super for sparkling eyes, they’re also a new best friend for your face! Loaded with beta-carotene, you can banish dullness by adding shaved carrot to salads, by roasting them for a sweet side dish, or keeping some home-prepared batons in a dish on your desk.

Grate some into your salad, whip up some delicious Free Coleslaw or crunch on some with hummus – delicious!

Green Tea

Top dermatologists recommend the detoxifying abilities of green tea for clearer, brighter skin. How we drink it? With a dash of lemon squeezed in, both for a pleasing taste and to further amplify the antioxidising effect.

Mix up your 4pm cuppa and go green!


A natural detoxifier, sliced melon gives a lazy digestive systems the wake-up call it needs. Constipation isn’t just uncomfortable – it can lead to clogged-up, unhappy skin too. Clear your body and your complexion in one bite with this mouthwatering superfood.

Perfect for a sweet hit in the sunshine, or for an after dinner palate cleanser.

Pumpkin seeds

Here’s a boost for your breakfast, and for your skin. You will pick up an array of health boosting seeds in every supermarket nowadays. We just love pumpkin seeds for their high zinc content, which is just the tonic for tackling acne issues. Toss a small handful into your porridge in the morning, sprinkle them on your salads or just munch on a few for a quick energy hit. Your skin will thank you for it


It’s the food with neverending powers! Spinach leaves contain Vitamins B, C and E; iron, potassium, magnesium, and complexion-perfecting Omega-3s. Use spinach in a salad, sauté with some low-cal spray for a tasty side dish, or swap it for lettuce in a wholemeal pitta snack.


And so to the science: tomatoes contain a chemical named lycopene, which has been found to shield the skin from UV rays. More tomatoes = less sun damage (but don’t forget your daily SPF!).


Are you ready to glow from the inside out? Share your great skin recipes with us on our Facebook page now!

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