At Unislim, there are two little letters that mean a lot to us. And they are? G and I.

The GI Index is a nutritional phenomenon, a straightforward guide to eating right. GI stands for Glycaemic Index, and the foods Unislim recommends you stock up on tend to fall at the lower end of this scale.

A food with a High Glycaemic Index (above 55) is a food that is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, converting to energy (and then converting to fat if not worked off very quickly). A food with a Low Glycaemic Index (55 and below), meanwhile, is one that converts at a slower rate. Put plainly: eat High GI and you’ll soon feel hungry again; choose Low GI and you will feel fuller for longer. And what do you want to feel? Fuller for longer, of course!

Knowing your High GI from your Low GI is the smartest way to get slim. Our Forever Free plan is based on this principle, and your Class Leader can fill you in on the foods that will make each day an easier, more energised one for you. For now, here’s our quick ‘Pick & Skip’ guide to GI to get you going!


Eat your way to amazing hair!

Ivana Trump said: “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” While we can think of some others, hair seems like a decent place to start!

Just like our skin, hair glows with beauty from the inside out. And yet, with a plethora of quick fix products out there, it’s easy to forget how important a part eating well plays in how our hair looks. Great food = great hair, pure and simple!

Here’s the Unislim guide to what to eat for wow hair.


1: Eggs

Are your tresses ready to snap? Dry, brittle and breaking hair could mean you aren’t packing enough protein into your diet. Swift solution? Break eggs, not your hair! Eggs are a super-charged source of protein, a must-eat for strong and glossy hair. You can enjoy seven eggs per week and stay Forever Free. Try our Simple Spinach Omelette recipe.

2: Salmon

Omega-3 magic is at play here: that’s those fabulous fatty acids your skin and hair need to look their best. Healthy hair growth, in particular, is dependent on the inclusion of Omega-3s in your diet, and you can get your fix from coldwater fish like salmon, trout, mackerel and herring. Salmon gets the Unislim vote for best all-rounder, as it’s got the Omega-3s, Vitamin D and natural oils both your hair follicles and your scalp will love. Plus, it’s Forever Free!


3: Walnuts

A little goes a long way here. We love walnuts for their Vitamin E content (a miracle worker for hair, skin and nails), for their Omega-3s (they’re number one nut in this regard!), and for biotin, a form of Vitamin B known to stave off hair loss. We don’t like their fat content quite so much (walnuts weigh in at 3 Bites per 30g). So, like we said: a little walnut; not a lot!

4: Greek Yogurt

Did you know that hair is approximately 97% protein? This means it needs to be fed plenty of protein to stay in glossy, gorgeous shape. Greek yoghurt is a good source, and alongside the protein power you’ll be treating your tresses to Vitamins D and B5 with every spoonful. Pop a tub of Total 0% Greek yoghurt in your trolley and marvel at its many uses: as a mayo replacement, a thickener for soups or smoothies, or combined with fresh fruit and frozen as a Fro-Yo treat!


5: Blueberries

Healthy blood circulation is critical for a healthy scalp and hair, and Vitamin C is circulation’s best friend. Where to find it? Blueberries are the Vitamin C champs! These exotic treats taste sweet, are loaded with Vit C, and yep, they’re Forever Free. Make your morning porridge even more delicious with the addition of blueberries, or try this simple salad: mix ½ cup of chopped tomato, 2 cups of fresh spinach and ¼ cup of blueberries, and ta-da…..a good-for you, fill-the-gap snack!

6: Sweet Potato

Dandruff ruining your look? Don’t blame your shampoo: blame your diet! Itches, flakes, and all that stuff could signal that your system is deficient in Vitamin A, the antioxidant your body can’t function without. Find Vitamin A in sweet potatoes, carrots, mango and pumpkin. Try our Sweet Potato and Chilli Soup, it’s super-delish and a treat for those tresses too!


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