Treat yourself

‘Tis the season to treat yourself and by that I mean look after YOU. There is so much to think about in the run up to Christmas it can be easy to forget about your needs when you’re busy thinking of everyone else’s.

What makes you feel good? Is it lighting your favourite candle and sitting by the fire? Or maybe taking a bubble bath with a good book… whatever it is make sure it’s a priority.

Those small steps can make a huge difference to your mental health and in turn your physical health. When you feel your best mentally it’s much easier to look after yourself physically!


Have your cake and eat it

Let’s be honest Christmas is a time of great indulgences, there’s treats, food and drinks galore making this time of year full of challenges for everyone. How do you enjoy the festive fun and still feel fantastic and be on target for your weight loss?

Well, it’s all about balance… Yes of course you can indulge and have the drinks and foods you want but what makes the difference is being conscious about it! Keep the balance, and don’t forget about those free foods too, fill up ¾ of your plate with these and your body will LOVE you.

Oh and If you’re cooking the Christmas dinner this year, we’ve got an incredible festive plan called ‘let’s celebrate’. This plan is your bible for the day, with the tastiest and healthiest holiday recipes your whole family will love. Our plan is available with Unislim online and in class.


Mentally prepared 

Being mentally prepared for the day is super important to be your happiest self. We can’t deny things can be a little overwhelming on the day and especially if you’re on a weight-loss journey you can feel overwhelmed or panicked about falling off track.

So let’s switch that mindset! Visualize yourself looking and feeling fantastic on Christmas day. Picture yourself having fun with the family, not shying away from the festivities. Anytime you feel overwhelmed go back to that mental picture and remind yourself how far you’ve come and how proud of yourself you should feel.

Don’t ever feel ashamed or beat yourself up over a slip up because that is a part of this journey, you can get back up and you will succeed in all your goals.


Give yourself time

Carve out 10 minutes for you time, preferably in the morning to set yourself up for the day. Grab your Unislim journal and go somewhere quiet, listen to some chilled music with a cup of tea or coffee and plan ahead. Journaling has been proven as a beneficial self-care practice so we encourage you to give it a go.

Jot down your thoughts for the day, your aspirations, what your grateful for, what your worried about, what your dreams are, anything that comes to mind. Making this a habit can really change your life, it sets you up for a positive day every day. By starting your mornings with you time and making space for your thoughts is proven to, reduce stress that is damaging to both mental and physical health. This is a space free of judgement where you can find joy in you time!


Move it

Make the most of the small bursts of sun to soak up that much needed vitamin D and try head out on a walk every day. Moving your body will not only help you earn more BITES, but it will help you feel a super energy boost. Yes we know Irish weather can be unpredictable and a little rough at this time of year, so if you can’t get outdoors to achieve your steps we have lots of Unislim Workouts for you to try in doors, we especially love our latest Unislim Online 20 Minute routine, give it a go and don’t forget to tag us on social media to let us know what you think.

Working in some short burst exercises into your day can make the world of a difference for both your physical and mental health. If you can get your heart pumping and start breaking a sweat once a day, you know you are on to a winner. If you’re looking for a little more motivation why not sign up to Unislim online and get access to our incredible workout routines, from Pilates to HIIT to aerobics, we have it all!


Find your local class here or sign up to Unislim Online

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