Six months from now, you’ll be sorry you didn’t make this your most effective slimming summer ever! Winter is a time when exercise seems so much harder when mashed potato somehow becomes a magnet. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity!


Need some inspiration? Let’s get to it:

Mow The Lawn

It doesn’t just smell wonderful; it’s good for your mood too. According to recent scientific findings, the chemicals released from cut grass may reduce stress. Plus, you’ll have a fresh lawn for healthy garden parties, and for playing with the little people in your life!

Take A Stroll

With light in the sky until 10pm, we’re loving long strolls by the beach, in the park; wherever your wandering takes you. Set a walk night with a fellow Unislim class member to step your way slim together. As Unislim Success Story Roezana Whelan told us: “As well as losing the pounds, walking really shaped up my body too. I battled with post-natal depression, and walking would clear my head.”

Enjoy Nature's Bounty

In season right now (and they’re all Forever Free!): blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, beetroot, green beans, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower….shallots, spinach and swede! Even better than buying from your supermarket?

Dare to brave a cold shower

That fresh drench has been proven to send a feel good signal to our brains, activating neurotransmitters that lift mood. Fact! Cold water also tightens pores, making for smooth and beautiful skin.

Dress For Sunshine

Forget the peasant style, the big prints or the super-short. Pick up instead a sleeveless shift dress that sits at the knee. Opt either for v-neck (big bust) or boat neck (smaller bust) and don’t be afraid to let those arms out into the sunshine – this will make for a slimmer silhouette. (Unislim Style Tip: if you have bigger arms, a bolero cardigan will emphasise, rather than conceal this, contrary to popular opinion!)

For more tips on being summer fabulous, pick up your FREE 7 Day Bikini Plan, available in Unislim classes now!

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