Drinks to Avoid

We all know the benefits of drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. But when it comes to quenching our thirst many people bypass the H2O and reach for other ‘liquid’ calories instead. At Unislim we love a balanced approach to life, so nothing is forbidden and if you really want a sugary drink then that’s all allowed within your Bite allowance. However, by eating and drinking smarter you can lose weight easier, have more energy and be healthier. So read on for our top 5 drinks to avoid for weight loss…..


Fizzy Drinks

Without wishing to burst anyone’s bubble there’s really very little good to say about fizzy drinks. Experts universally agree that soft fizzy drinks are a major contributing factor in obesity, with several studies linking the consumption of fizzy drinks to increased weight gain.

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar (a can of cola can contain up to 9 teaspoons) and are basically empty calories without any nutritional benefits plus they are directly linked to obesity.  So it’s best to eliminate them for your diet entirely or if you really find this hard to do, find out the Bite value of your favorite drink and then treat them as you would a bar of chocolate and only have them occasionally.

Sports Drinks

Unless you’re an elite athlete or are toned, honed, pecked and six-packed to within an inch of your life (note gratuitous image of a fit athlete as way of illustration) there is no reason whatsoever you need to drink sports drinks. Most sports drink contain a cocktail of natural and artificial sweeteners plus a plethora of unpronounceable ingredients. They’ll send your blood sugars sky high and even post workout can undo all your good work. So avoid them and drink a large glass of water instead!


Commercial Fruit Juices

Not to be confused with a piece of fruit or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, consuming too many fruit juices throughout the day can play havoc with your weight loss efforts. Commercially bought fruit juices tend to be made from concentrated juice and can have added sugars or artificial sweeteners added, so it’s best to avoid them. Instead opt for what you know is 100% natural, home-made and lovingly  squeezed by yourself! Follow our Bite guide and keep track of daily intake of fruit juice – that way you’ll enjoy a little of what you love while losing successfully losing weight.

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