Give your pancakes a savoury twist with our 3 favourite fillings/toppings, perfect for breakfast, brunch or supper. These toppings are super easy to whip up and they taste amazing.

Prefer something a little sweeter? Then check out our 5 favourite sweet pancake toppings – which are both delicious and healthy.

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Salmon Sensation

In the mood for a savoury slant on your pancakes? Top them with low-fat cottage cheese, smoked salmon, and chives – they taste amazing! Better yet, make them into blinis or mini-pancakes! All you have to do is pour a tbsp of pancake mixture on to a hot pan…delicious

Ham & Tomato

Flip your pancake over, on one half of the pancake add 30g grated low-fat cheese, some cooked ham, thinly sliced tomatoes and pepper.  Reduce heat and flip the other half of pancake over the mix, once the cheese is melted serve straight away.

Veggie Feast

Place 1 large vine tomato, quartered and a good handful of mushrooms on a baking tray with a few springs of Thyme into the oven and bake till tomatoes are soft.  Spread some light cheese or vegan alternative on to a pancake and add tomato and mushroom mix, serve with spinach (optional), season roll up and enjoy.

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